Date: 23/08/2018
Author: Antonio Ambrosio
Photographer: Manuel Ambrosio


The art of seduction can be found in a well-trimmed beard or slick fade. Agreat haircut is the simplest way to enhance your overall look and elevates pretty much everything about your presentation.Barbers are some of the most important individuals in a man’s life and finding the right barber can be extremely troublesome. But once you have found the right one, it can be a marriage for a lifetime.The relationship between a barber and a client goes far beyond a fresh haircut.I have often gone weeks without cutting my hair because my barber was away. A man’s loyalty to his preferred barber is not a myth.

If you live in Sandton or perhaps visiting for the day and are in need of a great grooming experience, head to Bespoken Man. There’s not many people I truly trust with a blade and my hair, however, Adam of BespokenMan is definitely one of them. I now consider him a good friend despite the fact that he supports Manchester United. From the moment I was introduced to Adam, by Gresham Pillay founder and creative director of Bespoken Man. We got off to a good start, after greeting me and offering me something to drink . He asked me the simplest and most important question “How would you like me to cut your hair?” It’s a question most barbers should ask their clients but often do not because arrogance clouds their judgement. Adams most important quality isn’t his rare skills with the clipper and blade, but the mere fact that he listens and does his best to accommodate all my needs and makes me feel comfortable.

Since I started getting my haircuts at Bespoken Man, I have established great relationships with all the staff members and barbers. So comfortable, I often find myself there for a chat and occasional glass of whisky even if I’m not getting my hair done.


Barber: www.bespokenman.co.za

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