Antonio Ambrosio is an online destination with in-depth style advice, through inspirational content on menswear and it’s collective culture.


Named one of South Africa Best Dressed Man by GQ Magazine. Antonio Ambrosio is an Angolan born menswear stylist and digital influencer. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ambrosio developed an interest in fashion after getting his first job at Hackett London as a sales assistant, in 2011. Impressed with the luxury lifestyle and beautiful craftsmanship from their garments, Antonio began to take more of an interest in the menswear industry.
He devoted many meticulous hours studying traditional Italian and English bespoke artistry. He later taught himself basic production skills, combined with his intimate passion for fine arts that have carried him from a young age. Ambrosio developed a distinguished style of his own.

In late 2013, Ambrosio open his Instagram account like most others, unware of the success and opportunities that social media would later bring him. By posting pictures of his striking yet elegant outfit combinations Ambrosio was able to voice his creation and within a couple of months. People began to realize the rare quality of his compelling artistic vision. As his Instagram following increased, so did the demand for brand partnerships, suits and styling requests.

Over the years, Ambrosio has carefully cultivated his image and has dressed several high profile business men from South Africa as well as neighbouring African countries. He has been featured in numerous magazines like GQ South Africa, Forbes Africa and Business Wanted.